Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus
The Sun
PRINCES Charles, 71, has tested positive for coronavirus, Clarence House announced confirmed.
The future king had been displaying mild symptoms but remains in "good health" after being diagnosed with Covid-19 on Monday night.
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  • lady scarlet
    lady scarlet

    Hhmmmp i think revenge on what happen to the princess of whales

  • Bankai Hadouken
    Bankai Hadouken

    Prince charles 71 Boris johnson 55 Michel barnier 69 All apparently have coronavirus, yet they only have "mild symptoms" yet people half their age who are healthy are passing away 🤔 just another tactic from the posh lot so they can sneak off radar.

  • Tanuja Limbu
    Tanuja Limbu

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭so sad anyone sad here

  • Butter Pan
    Butter Pan


  • The Revival
    The Revival

    D,you reckon he pops down to the co op like we do, and do they even stock Foie gras in the freezer compartment..... .

  • Miika Pekk
    Miika Pekk

    It's a bit suspicious how the Prime minister an the future king all get it at the same time. Maybe they've been given some sort of a vaccine that can't be produced for the masses.

  • roger padet
    roger padet

    We don't give a damn !!!

  • Asim Shaiban
    Asim Shaiban

    For all the fools who actually believe this news , this fake news is made to make you British people not get angry at the country of uk 🇬🇧 weak response to corona virus 🦠

  • Lock Down Society
    Lock Down Society

    I'm really glad Charles is safely tucked up in Balmoral. I can sleep easy now.

  • aud loves life
    aud loves life

    I only hope the rest of the royal scroungers get it, as well as the globalist elite, who have have allowed, if not encouraged this happen.

  • Alex Mair
    Alex Mair

    F in chat

  • Pam Satira
    Pam Satira

    too bad for him. of all the royals, he gets the virus. guess he's not really meant to be king.

  • Balkan Mapping
    Balkan Mapping


  • chris 1
    chris 1

    Diana is waiting for him...

    • Savage 17
      Savage 17

      chris 1 With a sledgehammer.

  • theHDLify

    It looks like he won't be King but at least he got the crown.

  • Theo theo
    Theo theo

    good news. is this the latest rage?of all people in the room only Charles and Albert got the China flu?

  • Einstein'

    Who cares. NHS cant get tested but he can. It's a disgrace. Sick of these parasites. NHS come before him but apparently not so Theyre out saving lives whilst he trots of to one of his many palaces. Absolute disgrace 🚆

  • Sue Rocks
    Sue Rocks

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="27">0:27</a> 😂😂😂😂 "working"...... Hey Charles don't sweat it man

  • Alex Alicia
    Alex Alicia

    Why has he been tested? For the rest of the UK you are tested only if you are addmited at a hospital with flu-like symptoms.

  • steve price
    steve price

    No one deserves covid 19 rich or poor.

  • Harry Callahan
    Harry Callahan

    Legend has it that Charles caught the Coronavirus off his own personal arse wiper.

  • Wolferina

    I never knew sitting around all day with servants bringing you everything you need is considered work.

  • Maria

    I like Prince Charles and the royals, . Lot of moaning bitter people about him getting tested..

  • Monty Gill
    Monty Gill

    Hope you get well soon 🙏

  • marshmallow

    prince Charles is self isolating at Windsor with covid 19 - prince Andrew is self isolating at balmoral with Jennifer 14

  • ali

    Charles got corona please Charles do something good go and French kiss Katie Hopkins and Priti Patel

  • ali

    Charles got corona please Charles do something good go and French kiss Katie Hopkins and Priti Patel

  • Cheeseburger Eddie
    Cheeseburger Eddie

    He gets instant medical care than us portland and I'm sure he got in at his local doctors or rung the hotline were as we get ignored or turned away in the present climate using an NHS doctor because is near to him doesn't mean the elite use them everyday like ourselves

  • LeoTaxilFrance

    How many millions he and so called "royal familly" murded on the Earth. They should be judged and executed, not to die in the bed!

  • Gavin Mcinally
    Gavin Mcinally

    Hope we have enough ventilators. 😳

  • Farah Siddique
    Farah Siddique


  • Farah Siddique
    Farah Siddique

    Please keep SAFE everyone take care

  • Carol 70-year-old English NATIONALIST
    Carol 70-year-old English NATIONALIST

    Rubbish, this is the globalists use of celebrities to fearmonger the people!

  • Zeit Geist
    Zeit Geist

    But that old cryptie hag of his mother (with her silly collection of birthday-cake hats) is fine and dandy and pushing 100. Poor guy won't get to be King, ever. "We are not amused"

  • Andy Checkley
    Andy Checkley

    Such good news, every cloud has a silver lining

  • m. mache
    m. mache

    Prince Charles do not worry a lot's you need to keep come and colds all this viruses coming in the air trust me what I'm saying cause by Airlines lots of care deasil petrol where ist going to go we are sniffing all that derty air yes you got the Coronavirus you need to treat it natural keep the Mask on your face were ever you walk in the palace out sides makes the treatment the cold water for every part of your body's eating good thomting makes you feel hungry very important the Indians tonic water half glass after lunch half glass after dinner keep smiling happy as I said it yesterday you will started recovering very slowly no Desstres we started seeing all the new viruses all coming from the client change look back 200 years we had nothing like that this is to proof it to you have a great day prince Charles and the Royal family morning to the gorgeous ours a Queens Elizabeth keep smiling and healthy love by Hollywood mo RAAD political madical sicoligest law judges on Google youtube International? Mo?

  • Mutual Aid Works
    Mutual Aid Works

    All the brown nosed royal rimmers will be upset, oh well.

  • THINK The Arts
    THINK The Arts

    Wish Prince Charles recover soon

  • claire Knowles
    claire Knowles

    Great,hope he gives it to the queen

  • tectorama

    There is of course a good conspiracy theory here. He doesn't really have the virus, but wants to be seen as "one of you guys". "I know what you are all going through". Rather like the Royal Family meeting the "ordinary" people during the Blitz.

  • Terence Hackett
    Terence Hackett

    Good news for a change

  • DOG

    If Sir Jimmy were here. He could fix up Charles whilst he is up there in Balmoral.

  • Steven Meakin
    Steven Meakin

    There's the haves and the have nots how come he gets a test he was not a serious case makes me puke, nurses doctors 1st

  • Lottie Pug
    Lottie Pug

    Diana is laughing from beyond!! Why should he get priority for a test... Doctors and nurses need it more..

  • klc abs
    klc abs

    A prince got another prince infected ?

  • the chicken man
    the chicken man

    Cringe, he looks like a Male version of the human being they call the queen even his hair style

  • John Rogers
    John Rogers

    this should be called the Diana revenge virus hopefully this is the sentence for murder what you think Charlie boy you murdered a lady to marry a prostitute good on you you deserve it

  • coashddjj2

    I really hope Charles is ok and bearing up. I wouldn't wish a disease on anyone.

  • 桜川翔平

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  • Youtube Freak
    Youtube Freak

    Prince Andrew has been self-stimulating ever since his fixer Epstein was silenced

  • Rad Derry
    Rad Derry

    *Please be fatal and spread to all those parasites robbing taxes from the poor.*

  • ِ

    Prince Charles is self isolating with Covid-19. Prince Andrew is isolating with Jennifer - 14.

  • Noria Mandadi
    Noria Mandadi

    Next Prince William turn to be infected

  • Jahed Miah
    Jahed Miah

    I don't like him or his mother ever since Princess Diana's death.

  • xxxxxx

    How the hell did she get tested hers came back negative so what was the criteria there then .

  • xxxxxx

    See that tell you

  • xxxxxx

    Watch what you post people say something negative it won’t see the light of day

  • michelle michelle
    michelle michelle

    Bla bla bla

  • Mike White
    Mike White


  • Roskin Greenrake
    Roskin Greenrake

    OMFG THIS BETTER NOT HAVE BEEN A SPY'S DOING -and nowadays the finger could point to various suspects not just the usual. And he may not have charisma but he's a great intelligent man, let's hope he pulls through fine

  • Seijatachi

    So he gets tested but NHS workers cant? This is pathetic

  • 20tinyt13


  • WeirdPlanet108

    The man who would be king. Or maybe not.

  • Robert Walsh
    Robert Walsh

    He'll be grand even the queen being 100 will be grand as well best treatment for the half humans

  • Deirdre Murray
    Deirdre Murray

    Everyone urged to stay at home and not to travel unless it’s absolutely necessary and what does he do? Takes an RAF flight to the Highlands of Scotland and probably infected a number of others in the process. He should have stayed in Clarence House or Highgrove, it’s not as if there isn’t room in them for him to isolate. If we’re all in this together there shouldn’t be one rule for the wealthy and privileged and another for the rest of us!

  • Flippinektucker

    I love yo Charlie but don't be offended if I decline your private invite only party, I had a look into your best pals over the years and some of them djs etc seem a bit creepy

  • Sarah McHendry
    Sarah McHendry


  • Snowy Owel
    Snowy Owel

    Crown a virus Get well soon

  • Adriana Alejandra
    Adriana Alejandra

    Now the Vaccine gone come to the World!!!

  • DZ Malekvali
    DZ Malekvali

    Ahhhh now I see the link here, macron tested positive now Prince Charles but not Camilla??...nice diversion if you ask me..!

  • cucumberman1234567

    Hands off my toilet roll.

  • Karlos Khaos
    Karlos Khaos

    Lol perhaps this will teach elizabeth windsor the importance of proper leadership in a crisis not the hap hazard approach from her tory puppets

  • Floyd Nelson
    Floyd Nelson

    Unbelievable how could this be allowed to happen


    The family and certain celebs know whats coming and its not a virus theyre running from. Run forest run. 🏃 This is the only way their Adrenochrome withdrawl symptoms can be kept a secret. Did your supply chains dry up charles. GOD WINS 🙏🎚

  • Florian 2
    Florian 2

    Good: hope it kills the old bore.

  • Lance Boil
    Lance Boil

    How come that Midland banker get tested ...a fuxxking disgrace..thought there where no tests available or you got tested when on deaths door...pathetic...

  • Donna Babel
    Donna Babel

    Can lizard people catch it?

  • Paul Gibbons
    Paul Gibbons

    In totally unrelated news. 'Inbred' people found to be unusually suceptible to Corvid 19...

  • REDZER_14

    God speed comrade corona!

  • Gary Saunders
    Gary Saunders

    Hope you a speedy recovery