Prince Charles Tests Positive For Coronavirus | TODAY
Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus. He has displayed mild symptoms and is reportedly self-isolating in Scotland. There is no sign that the queen has contracted the virus. TODAY senior international correspondent Keir Simmons reports for TODAY from London.
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Prince Charles Tests Positive For Coronavirus | TODAY

  • Marcos Roberto
    Marcos Roberto

    Tem desinfetar toda cidade como fez china

  • Renata Nolde
    Renata Nolde

    Good , hope he kicks the bucket . Horrible husband to Diana , terrible parent to those boys , good , corona take him

  • Michael Rich
    Michael Rich

    At least he does not have any underlying wealth conditions.

  • Annette Melnychuk
    Annette Melnychuk

    Thanks for using our taxpayer money to get tested while the rest of us are not able to get tested!

  • Shelbymaldita

    Karma and justice to Diana, hopefully this virus will eventually clean the swamp in UK including Andrew and the rotweiller. Charles finally got his long awaited crown.🤮👑

  • richard alvarado
    richard alvarado

    and now PM BoJo has it.......unbelievable!!

  • bo j
    bo j

    Funny how it's mostly pedophile celebrities that are claiming to have coronavirus.

  • Iffat sharmin Islam
    Iffat sharmin Islam

    He is getting old and old... When he will be king??

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green

    I hope him, his pedo brother and his animal hunting private jet flying environmentalists all die

  • Jippy Kyo
    Jippy Kyo

    Prinz Andrew and Epstein Corona Hoax Positive

  • The High Priestess
    The High Priestess

  • John davidson
    John davidson

    Everyone please stay home safe due to #coronavirus epidemic (covid)-19 and follow all the rules with all the precautionary measures like hand washing santizer wear mask when you go out for shopping and make sure your immune system is good.There are so many herbs in ayurveda that easily boost your immune system like amla , giloy , tulsi. I Used to drink giloy juice everyday to boost my immunity and if you cannot find these items in ur kitchen then you can use giloy capsules from #planetayurveda that have so many health benefits no side effects and boostbyour immunity naturally

  • Fail CHannel 1
    Fail CHannel 1

    Let him die like other old people.

  • El diablo noob
    El diablo noob

    If prince Charles won't die from coronavirus then elites have vaccine of it .

  • De St
    De St

    Well, Camilla does look good in black.

  • Michael Rich
    Michael Rich

    King Corona

  • ivanmegafanboy

    March 25th, 2020 The Prince's coronation.

  • m0921_ _
    m0921_ _

    Why did the prince move it's he knew England will be an epedemic .

  • Danny Woods
    Danny Woods

    Princess Diana is rolling in heaven 😭 but hope he is in good health

  • Theo theo
    Theo theo

    good news. is this the latest rage?of all people in the room only Charles and Albert got the China flu?

  • Bunny Hop
    Bunny Hop

    Coronated, finally.

  • Moe Dough
    Moe Dough

    Oh well🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  • MultiXtrailer

    Keep calm, royalty won't die, their a part of the 1%

  • Rainer Schütz
    Rainer Schütz

    we know he is involved in epstein

  • Quan Vu
    Quan Vu

    The Queen: weaklings die, big deal.

  • William Poole
    William Poole

    End of a Monarchy.

  • Martin Nguyen
    Martin Nguyen

    Oh my god. Not him too.

  • Jahangir Khan
    Jahangir Khan

    No virus on arrival for British citizen. They must obtain virus prior to arrival. It’s same as like British passport holder doesn’t need visa for many country and gets one on arrival.

  • Peter Donnelly
    Peter Donnelly

    His silver spoon hadn't been washed properly by the lower class servants.

  • ARX 351
    ARX 351

    It's fitting that the crown prince gets the corona...

  • Shayas Ashraf
    Shayas Ashraf

    What kind of responsibilities this family have? Other than eating taxpayer's money?

  • Nora

    MEGHAN is probably fuming that the media is focusing on Charles 😂 she’s probably writing a script and acting in front of the mirror for bogus emotional expressions for when she announces that she has corona 😂

  • Lanh Nguyen
    Lanh Nguyen

    C virus has infected the royal blood , could it be a sign why Megan and royal spouse leave the silver spoon .

  • mark galetti
    mark galetti

    Royal Lizards are immune to Coronavirus

  • Apache Helicopter
    Apache Helicopter

    off with his head

  • H35 wwa
    H35 wwa

    The World : Princess Diana :Hes got WHAT? 😅👑

  • Mercedes 190
    Mercedes 190

    Bakutaner se usrao da se ne zarazi!

  • Marjah Shuaib
    Marjah Shuaib

    God bless you 🙏

  • Constance Luces
    Constance Luces

    Meghan will get blame for this. The courtiers and RR hate Meghan. The cyberbullies will do as their told; “Blame Meghan!”

  • Rich Shackleton
    Rich Shackleton

    The biggest worry is a huge outbreak of Covid 19 within the Royal Family resulting in Prince Andrew becoming a future King

  • Your Neighbour
    Your Neighbour

    FYI he advocated for population control, and said he would come back as a virus. Irony

  • Bait the glowing grumpy yoo
    Bait the glowing grumpy yoo

    Watch Prince Charles be cured in 2 days.

  • Daniel R.
    Daniel R.

    🥂 he was a better horse than a man

  • Boyd Cord
    Boyd Cord

    Perhaps the nasty UK people start asking questions to the FIRM about their decision making instead of always manufacturing something negative about Meghan. NO WAY THE FIRM SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING RF EVENTS 2 WEEKS AGO. MEGHAN KNEW THAT HENCE ARCHIE STAYING IN CANADA...

  • marinerenewable

    Why should anyone listen to advice reagrding self isolation, travelling, mass gatherings etc. , when these people can flout advice and NHS rules. Disgusting behaviour. I will guarantee that he didn't test positive, but the NHS would have to say this to justify the test in the first place.

    • marinerenewable

      I not actually saying he lied, just the NHS managers who would think nothing of spinning a false narrative. I agree that he would not lie personally.

    • Boyd Cord
      Boyd Cord

      A liar to manipulate this virus is something I doubt 100% Prince Charles would do..

  • Litsa Macri
    Litsa Macri

    F L Y ............

  • laughinggravy2

    Charles who we are told met? The criteria for a test due to his mild symptoms ,what I don't understand his wife Camilla who wasn't displaying any symptoms why was she tested.. nursing staff who are told if you show any symptoms self isolate and do not met the criteria for a test

  • LiLli

    Just another lie. Greta Thunberg tests positive too. I wished it was true!

    • LiLli

      @Boyd Cord A terrorist threat? Take your meds!

    • Boyd Cord
      Boyd Cord

      that's a terroristic threat you just made about greta, you're reported.

  • I am a Neo Nasty
    I am a Neo Nasty

    Must have gotten it from one of the babies they sacrificed to the devil, they harvested the organs, stem cells were injected into the evil royals.

  • Bob Gillis
    Bob Gillis

    Why would anybody assume this is true ?

  • Thereal GodessIsis
    Thereal GodessIsis

    I'm sure Murdock's hacks will find some way to blame Meghan

    • LiLli

      Markle is jealous about the narcissistic virus, that much attention was her dream.

  • john metrac
    john metrac

    Disgraceful Prince Charles received corona test when frontline national health workers can’t get one 😡

  • Erick Pullas
    Erick Pullas

    At least he finally got a crown

  • sam mitoubsi
    sam mitoubsi

    It looks as if the Queen is retiring and so is Prince Charles , and soon Prince William will become the new King !

  • Cosmo

    The global pretend game continues.

  • devhxpg

    1 in 10k ordinary people have corona but atleast 10 in 100 famous people have it, must be a rich people's disease. 🙄

  • Wei Lu
    Wei Lu God bless everyone from Taiwan

  • Ws G
    Ws G

    群体免疫别旧故,海德公园筑新坟。 鲍相劝民多感染,举国信奉达尔文。 女王庚子西狩去,太子好运不进门。 王冠未至新冠至,白发要送秃发人。

  • Gia Long
    Gia Long

    He might die in “Herd Immunity” style.🦠☣️😷🦇💣

  • Rihana Jan
    Rihana Jan

    I wish Andrew got it instead

    • Boyd Cord
      Boyd Cord

      I wish you get it..

  • TheFinalBoss

    God Save the Queen!👸

  • Eva Braun
    Eva Braun

    Charles has Coronavirus. Love, Diana~

  • Damnit Bobby
    Damnit Bobby

    He has the best healthcare tax money can buy. Phuck him.

  • Michael Yao
    Michael Yao

    UK wait signal from WHO. Look at Putin, kim close border immediately. World people lose their common sense ? Taiwan and hk fight for closing border in early stage, isnt it a strong signal than corrupt WHO?

  • Truthfully Rude
    Truthfully Rude

    Mother Nature telling us that we are all the same no king or queens or such person is above than than the other we are all the same!

  • stoner27th

    not the crown he expected...

  • First Nations Protected
    First Nations Protected

    Prince William is the man! Smart and strong minded

  • vsboy 25
    vsboy 25

    He is chocking to death

  • Sue Rocks
    Sue Rocks

    😂😂😂 "working" from homework

  • Giraffa Camelopardalis
    Giraffa Camelopardalis

    Will he ever be a king? Probably not.

  • kip dokken
    kip dokken

    all british royalty must be lock up in the tower of london.

  • Andreas Dimosthenous
    Andreas Dimosthenous

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  • Man in Town
    Man in Town

    He is uglier

  • Ella Brad
    Ella Brad

    Elderly on coronavirus, no matter who you are!

  • Jolliebearfor Christ
    Jolliebearfor Christ


  • oo aa
    oo aa

    Which you know that the Rottweiler Camilla we get off scot-free. Doesn't seem fair does it?

  • oo aa
    oo aa

    Thousands of people will not be treated but Charlie will get the best of care.

  • conte tomeck
    conte tomeck

    AND THE PRINCE OF MONACO GOT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vince Barreat
    Vince Barreat

    Too many engagements without the queen lol

  • Brian TV
    Brian TV

    Please find a vaccine iv already lost my daughter,Father and Brother from the virus GET A VACCINE ASAP or I'm never leaving my house