[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Echo Origin Story | Overwatch
Introducing Echo. An evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence, Echo represents the cutting edge of technology.
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    Can’t believe Echo is being released along side with her sit emote!


    Can we have her human as a skin?

  • leon leon
    leon leon

    Now let's head to hup for rule 34! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • mtakrety

    Overwatch suck, full of kids and racists and mental retards

  • The price is rice
    The price is rice

    Can't believe they add kirby in overwatch

  • Ironwolf 15
    Ironwolf 15

    who got shivers when yall were watching this vid

  • Petok_ Gaming
    Petok_ Gaming

    Overwacht mobile plissssss

  • its kevbruh
    its kevbruh

    Still not on xbox

  • yk. Rae
    yk. Rae

    Yep shes babey🥺👉👈🌸✨👌

  • Randomguy65

    My god Echo is beautiful.

  • Buildergamer 45
    Buildergamer 45

    Why is there no echo for the switch?

  • bodoy euir
    bodoy euir


  • Xekzelstriker

    She’s a downloaded consciousness of the creator of the Omnics is she

  • its_yuvalos 2511
    its_yuvalos 2511

    Why to Sony 4 no have echo!!!!!

  • Conor Mast
    Conor Mast

    Anyone else reminded of Cortana from Halo?

    • bodoy euir
      bodoy euir

      Her echo. Yet echoes every other character :')

  • Hiker David
    Hiker David

    Overwatch let's voices be heard Even in echoes

  • Grind Stone
    Grind Stone

    Earthshaker:I love Echo SLAMMM!!!

  • 퇴물갓물

    운영꼬라지 하고는... 진짜 대가리가 빈건가... 자기가만든 게임 해보기는 한거임? 존나 근본없고 존나 쓸대없는영웅이 나왔네

  • Eric

    Where can I buy this new amazon echo for home security

  • DeOntay

    Only a Shia day can control the dragons echo be like no keeneungu la kel

  • Fif Nirata
    Fif Nirata

    She wanted to help the world, thats why she created a DPS-hero. Seems legit.

  • AJ

    Reminds me of Vision from Avengers so much

  • Gabrielle Fajardo
    Gabrielle Fajardo


    • dutoiu hour
      dutoiu hour

      Ok why is everyone okay with this? Are all the comments about Hong Kong getting deleted?

  • XoXoSquidward

    we've been waiting for this moment... and it is here. The new Amazon Echo

    • XoXoSquidward

      @diungy alisnr ._. -.-

    • diungy alisnr
      diungy alisnr


  • Yo Supo
    Yo Supo

    i still think tf2 is better. @ me

    • diungy alisnr
      diungy alisnr

      Ok why is everyone okay with this? Are all the comments about Hong Kong getting deleted?

  • Turbo Gaming
    Turbo Gaming

    Bro blizzard why you gotta do my man genji like this another fricking counter

    • dutoiu hour
      dutoiu hour

      Remember when some people thought she was going to be Sombra.

  • Landrew Vang
    Landrew Vang

    Echo move set if she was an Healer Primary fire: Same tri shot Secondary: Trace Healing (It attaches to the targeted ally and keeps healing even behind walls but it disconnects after 30 seconds or if you or your ally gets out of range Opponents can’t see it) Special shot (1): Healing Drone H.D (It attaches on an ally and heals them for 45 Seconds 8 Second charge it CAN attaches to opponents for 20 Seconds Reduces Healing) Special shot (2): Sticky bomb (This time attaches to team mate and gives low but spread healing) Passive: All Time Flight (Limit duh) Ultimate: Clone (Clones your self Twice 2 clones, It is controlled by an A.I you can go to any clone at any time but it has reduced damage and healing, Has the same health as you and it stays until it dyes but it loses 100 health after the ult is over if your “Echo” Dies it regenerates after 5 seconds This ult last for 30 seconds Thank you for reading ;)

  • Charlie Seely
    Charlie Seely


  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi

    Dude, that memory flashback with soldier was incredible

  • MegaStorm252

    Her echo. Yet echoes every other character :')

  • Satan


  • Shinyscribbles

    I'm sure blizzard is really happy that everyone is talking about the robots and not Hong Kong anymore

    • serdy ximi
      serdy ximi


  • king shiro subscribers
    king shiro subscribers

    Rule 34 ?

  • Jack Phillips
    Jack Phillips

    Amazon X overwatch crossover?

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    Hey echo, what's the weather? "Sorry I don't know that one"

  • hicup the inkling
    hicup the inkling

    I Still don't know what made the omnics turn bad

  • Stellar

    I swear If they don't create an anniversary skin for them I'm going to sue. PS: that sit emote is my favourite out of all the characters

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl

    Remember when some people thought she was going to be Sombra.

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      energy into making another omnic with ridiculous destructive capabilities

  • Cyclone Shadow
    Cyclone Shadow

    Ok why is everyone okay with this? Are all the comments about Hong Kong getting deleted?

  • Taylor McCall
    Taylor McCall


  • Darren Wong
    Darren Wong

    Remember when Overwatch generated the revenue to merit creating a full short, instead of this lower budget style trailer?

  • Xolvii


  • 100% that llama
    100% that llama


  • Tim Sebogon
    Tim Sebogon

    I don't know why but for a brief moment, she reminded me of Vanessa from Cytus 1.

  • Jay Naidoo
    Jay Naidoo

    I liked about the origin story of Echo,nice worked ;-)

  • Lama Love gaming
    Lama Love gaming


  • مسّطولُ ببجي
    مسّطولُ ببجي

    Release date ?

  • NorthSeaHero

    Guys, I think the 2DQTpa2T doctor died

  • alexandru valsan
    alexandru valsan

    Oh boy i sure hope that this character wont be sexualised by rule 34 artists cause that would be a real bummer

    • taehyung will be the death of me
      taehyung will be the death of me

      You already know it's gonna happen

  • Maja Milunović
    Maja Milunović

    now don't get me wrong, she's a good character and i love robots.. but if you're gonna try to look human, don't just look human on the face and no where else... when people say butter face, my mind goes straight towards this. (this is all subjective)

  • Another Dam Clone
    Another Dam Clone

    Amazon Echo is striking back after all the bad mouthing.

  • Jason Cofield
    Jason Cofield

    Even from the lore's perspective her DPS role doesn't make sense. Scientist: *Feels guilty and disgraced for making human-killing omnics* Also scientist: *proceeds to pour all her energy into making another omnic with ridiculous destructive capabilities*

  • patriotbarrow

    Echo would make a great Eve next to Bastion's Wall-E

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon

    Dude, that memory flashback with soldier was incredible

    • ꧁ Y ꧂
      ꧁ Y ꧂

      Can you stfu

  • Tim Greller
    Tim Greller

    Alexa, kill the enemy bastion!

  • Spiced Apple Sauce
    Spiced Apple Sauce

    So... moira

    • Spiced Apple Sauce
      Spiced Apple Sauce

      @꧁ Y ꧂ yeah but... looks and sounds so much like moira

    • ꧁ Y ꧂
      ꧁ Y ꧂

      No... echo

  • LoNe 2806
    LoNe 2806

    Wall-e 2 trailer is looking great!

    • senni bgon
      senni bgon


  • Drake Curry
    Drake Curry

    Well atleast it now makes sense why she's op

  • Nacho Khan
    Nacho Khan

    Can we just appreciate how well done this is. The music and dialogue is incredible

  • otaku gamerXD
    otaku gamerXD

    This remember me the girl named "eve" from the movie called "wall-e"

  • Carlo Garcia
    Carlo Garcia

    Act 3 3fr- wait wrong series

  • FlatPancake27

    She’s not on Xbox yet

  • Fluent

    this game is dead says the haters New hero Video gets almost 3 million views

    • dutoiu hour
      dutoiu hour

      Blizzard: Finally reveals Liao and her story Also Blizzard: Yea... she might be kinda dead. [Edit] I can’t believe I was actually excited to play this hero..

  • StrikerFX47

    It only took nearly 2 years but hey at least shes here now.

    • dutoiu hour
      dutoiu hour

      What happened with overwatch 2?

  • Alexander Galejev
    Alexander Galejev

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a> Wamuu! Awaken my masters!

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv

    Dude, that memory flashback with soldier was incredible

  • Boalol lal
    Boalol lal

    This isn't all we're getting on Echo right? We need a proper introduction.

  • Internet SavvyYT
    Internet SavvyYT

    Echo geez you got nerfed a few days after release

  • Ronin

    Rule34 : *I RISE ONCE MORE*

    • zuygj bnsv
      zuygj bnsv

      She if from Singapore 😊

  • Fauzi Fajar
    Fauzi Fajar

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a> that backsound its making me tears of hope

  • Sushil Santhosh
    Sushil Santhosh

    Overwatch Hero 33 - Steals Credit Card Number from us :D

  • JournaIiste


  • J

    Anybody else notice that they didn’t make a gameplay trailer?

  • hirji maulidy
    hirji maulidy

    Tbh Overwatch Plot line is getting cringy every Year

  • Dr.Dooooom

    Maybe instead of having 100% of the health of her Ult’s target, Echo should take on 50% of their “Full Health”. That way you would still get that intense Echo-Copy Ult Charge but the Echo player will need to engage much smarter to avoid wasting her Ult entirely? It would keep the core complements of her make but forces smarter player choices to actually be of value.

  • Tomalio The Tomato
    Tomalio The Tomato

    Honestly im kinda dissapointed by this trailer

  • Dae

    Blizzard: Echo speaks like Mina Liao, who is Singaporean and speaks singlish. Singaporeans: YAY, she gonna talk like us lah, happy sia! Echo: Speaks in British accent

  • Jackarooo oo
    Jackarooo oo

    What happened with overwatch 2?

  • dutoiu hour
    dutoiu hour

    Blizzard: Finally reveals Liao and her story Also Blizzard: Yea... she might be kinda dead. [Edit] I can’t believe I was actually excited to play this hero..

  • Doddi Yusuf
    Doddi Yusuf