My Brother couldn’t Say what my Crush did to him for 5 years
My Story Animated
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  • Layla Nourm
    Layla Nourm

    Love you guys

    • Aidan da Beast
      Aidan da Beast

      I’ll report to get rid of your comment hahahahaha


      I love me too

    • hamidabdin83

      Y how?

    • Alonna Minnis
      Alonna Minnis

      I love you guys too ❤️

    • Alonna Minnis
      Alonna Minnis

      @Erickson So what? They're still good

  • Lavender isn't gay
    Lavender isn't gay

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a> no, I refuse to think emo All Might would do such thing.

  • Tᴀᴋɪ '
    Tᴀᴋɪ '

    GPS? No? Ok

    • Tᴀᴋɪ '
      Tᴀᴋɪ '


  • Trenton Wilburn
    Trenton Wilburn

    This story was so great.

  • Ong Bee bee
    Ong Bee bee

    He was taking the knife out I thought he was gonna kill phew

  • Biehn ManoloTv
    Biehn ManoloTv

    try having asian parents

  • Joana Gligorova
    Joana Gligorova

    When she said one direction

  • Alyssa Jaurequi
    Alyssa Jaurequi

    It was not 5 hrs so this was kinda clickbait

  • M4X

    Normal stories: my brother killed my dad This channel: my dog turned out to really be my cousin and my cat had sex with a shark and they had a baby

  • Werrtuky

    Good story you rock

  • coconut kittens
    coconut kittens


  • Shareef McCrae
    Shareef McCrae

    Oh he'll Na

  • Armeen Hussain
    Armeen Hussain

    Wait wait wait did she say 12 PM, PM R U KIDDING ME R U KIDDING ME “Dies”

  • Feelings

    You guys are such a cool and brave family😍😍

  • Stranger Things
    Stranger Things

    Crush turns evil

  • sweetea`

    “he took out a knife” me: IS HE GUNNA KILL HER?? :D him: **carves initials** me: oh come on?

  • Jaygame Wix
    Jaygame Wix

    12 PM Its 1 am

  • Amiliarek

    At 12 pm tonight... you mean 12am right??

  • ZoRon Jordan
    ZoRon Jordan

    You ment 12am right🧐

  • Dxmb L0ser
    Dxmb L0ser

    Boy: *Pulls out knife* Me: Oh she dead-

  • KawaįįKookįe Gacha play’s
    KawaįįKookįe Gacha play’s

    ”12 PM tonight ” 🤨🤔

  • Mr.Xdomerex YT
    Mr.Xdomerex YT

    Wow they kissed after a confesting 😂 I had been with my gf for almost 1year already and i never kiss her before 😂

  • multi vids j
    multi vids j

    Do you live in Utah? Stay Home Stay Safe

  • Dackjerlin Senior
    Dackjerlin Senior

    That's not a good title for the story

  • Abbia Sultan
    Abbia Sultan

    My brother would say no boys till 25

  • Ashlynn McGinity
    Ashlynn McGinity

    "there was no food, but there was candy, chips, chocolate..." Me : Anything can be edible if you make it. Anything can be food. Just believe. Eat a rock. Eat dirt. Eat something. You can eat anything. It just may not taste good.

  • dawgy dawg
    dawgy dawg

    12 at night is actually a.m not p.m like seriously what is this logic 😂

  • Lemon Fossil
    Lemon Fossil

    I love these faces 😂😂 they’re like Gacha life

  • Heyse Rodriguez
    Heyse Rodriguez

    Can u do clean videos??

  • Portia H
    Portia H

    Jack:Meet me at the rivers edge at 12pm at night Me:12pm is durning the day did he mean 12am

  • De Llama
    De Llama

    Why does this sound like an anime

  • Parker Shuler
    Parker Shuler

    We parked by pulling over dude keep driving

  • Samadara A
    Samadara A

    Are this based on true stories????

  • Jonathan Antonio Castro Solorzano
    Jonathan Antonio Castro Solorzano

    How do they get money

  • ileik Turtles
    ileik Turtles

    Ugy lip

  • Jess Is the Best
    Jess Is the Best

    Did anyone else notice the "Welcome to Nowheresville" sign 😂

  • Jess Is the Best
    Jess Is the Best

    Her older brother was like "No boys UNTIL YOUR EIGHTEEN" Over-protective brother vibes hitting me there

  • Abby C
    Abby C

    The oldest brother called the cops on his phone but then we were later told that they didn't have phonez!!! I'm so confused

  • Cleo Aguilar
    Cleo Aguilar

    While Tom was missing you almost forgot about it but dont forget about Tom for

  • LoveDeb

    12pm would be lunch time, not midnight hmm...

  • XxXRoxy proxyXxX
    XxXRoxy proxyXxX

    U look like nemisis lol

  • Gohan Daily
    Gohan Daily

    Alright in the thumbnail. That boy is getting forced and beat by a girl!? That boy shoud my strong and brave. Such a loser.

  • 《Eva Desjardins》
    《Eva Desjardins》

    ᴴᴱ ˢᴬᴵᴰ "ᴹᴱᴱᵀ ᴹᴱ ᴬᵀ 12ᴾᴹ ᵀᴼᴺᴵᴳᴴᵀ" ᴹᴬᴺ ᵀᴴᴱ ᴳᴿᴬᴹᴹᴱᴿ

  • Game bros
    Game bros

    (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="214">3:34</a>). <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="720">12:00</a> AM, gosh

  • Jolene Beniamen
    Jolene Beniamen

    Why does the mom look like a boy I’m not trying to judge

  • chara xxx
    chara xxx

    e.j=eyeless jack

  • Buddy Mcguire
    Buddy Mcguire


  • Keigo Takami
    Keigo Takami

    Just me or does the way they drew her brothers look hella cute

  • Cyrus Baker
    Cyrus Baker

    How lucky did they get..

  • Mckenzie Stokes
    Mckenzie Stokes

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="251">4:11</a> RUN

  • carter byo
    carter byo

    Because i wanna Know

  • carter byo
    carter byo

    is story real?!?!

  • Brightstarfoxxe wolf
    Brightstarfoxxe wolf

    Wait hol up why does the title say he’s been missing for five years while she says days🤨?

  • Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin

    These stories are way to made up but really entertaining!

  • Jennyjen Peace y’all guys
    Jennyjen Peace y’all guys

    Did y’all say 12 pm tonight.? I’m pretty sure it’s am

  • Cooperthegamer77

    So they’re in love when they met yesterday. They kissed and they met yesterday. Edit:That guy under the oak tree looks like Edward Cullen.

  • i eat ass with grass
    i eat ass with grass

    one of them looks like china from hetalia

  • DisDoOd

    ⚠️Caution!⚠️ The moment your reading this, there is a virus in our world named Coronavirus. Please wash your hands with soap all the time, don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes. Avoid crowds & Exposed Places.

  • Juliet Sandor
    Juliet Sandor

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="251">4:11</a> i thought he would kill her-

  • - Dimmed Dawn -
    - Dimmed Dawn -

    Why did i have a feeling that her crush parents were kidnappers?

  • Alysha Khatun
    Alysha Khatun

    Where did they get all the money..?

  • en ay
    en ay

    How slow is your brother and how fucking fast are your parents?

  • H20 fan4life
    H20 fan4life

    *Meet me at the rivers edge at 12pm tonight* *Me an aggressive intellectual*: Don't you mean am you idiot, my god get educated scrub.


    {\_/} * _ * "____"


    when it said took out a knife i was like "biss this about to go down" (but it didnt )

  • Jace N
    Jace N

    How many times you sed caravan 👇🏻

  • Lillian Brumbaugh
    Lillian Brumbaugh

    the girl... and my little brother one the other hand was too slow

  • Milktrayman3

    *while watching this I was listening to music on loop* *and as soon as the video stopped so did the music*

  • tristian lyons
    tristian lyons

    Bro the legal age to date is 15 or 16 though

  • Rashed kaaki
    Rashed kaaki

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a> im handsome and im 12 and i dont have any siblings So much girls in my school liked me too <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="418">6:58</a> lol are we in eart the driver maybe hahaha

  • Sam Morland
    Sam Morland

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="284">4:44</a> is this a dumber version of scooby doo

  • Owen Wiseman
    Owen Wiseman

    This is the fakest story yet

  • Gatcha_ Star****
    Gatcha_ Star****

    Just here to say *hi*

  • ousman GET IT RIGHT
    ousman GET IT RIGHT

    I don't get it why does everyone falls in love so easily

  • Stephen Matthews
    Stephen Matthews

    Omg poor you

  • Saishha Talreja
    Saishha Talreja

    Ur story are so interesting



  • Mixlovesu 782
    Mixlovesu 782

    So you guys are still at that park so how to you share you story????????????

  • RadRoxy AwesomE
    RadRoxy AwesomE

    As soon as I heard he took a knife from his pocket I was like ah hell naw RUN

  • Josie Creations
    Josie Creations

    How slow did they drive pass that boy? 😂