Homemade Screw Tank Test Drive
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Then the chassis and drivetrain fisofts.info/hd/videot/lNbFqaN9nomKmmk
and the Hydraulics here fisofts.info/hd/videot/0JS6u6qRY5GJebA
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  • colinfurze

    What a machine, very pleased with this. So next phase we need to make it float and be bit faster but what weapon should we mount???????If you want your own Colin Furze OFFICIAL Safety Tie click here www.colinfurzeshop.com

    • audiosreality

      Once you have the balance worked out better with Hydraulics you have so many options, you can run a pump for a water cannon or "rams" with screw drive expanders. You can add all sorts of toys you can dream up but stay with the hydraulic theme for your tank the fireworks or tater guns can just be add ons.

    • Ben George
      Ben George

      Flame thrower obviously.

    • Mumin Dar
      Mumin Dar

      Rail gun

    • s baxter
      s baxter

      Wear a Davros costume. lol

    • kermit tea time
      kermit tea time

      a trebuchet

  • David Osorio
    David Osorio

    Put a rocket launcher

  • Legion James
    Legion James

    Its too slow. Next time build something that flys

  • Duce duce
    Duce duce

    One false move and he'll be rolled rib roast

  • Luis Alonso
    Luis Alonso

    this looks dumb

  • Jeffrey Rodriguez
    Jeffrey Rodriguez

    Flame thrower on the tank

  • kool guy
    kool guy

    Killing nature so sad 😢

  • Bumblemax

    So that's how turf is made

  • wladislaw Mac
    wladislaw Mac


  • Pie Avenger
    Pie Avenger

    I suggest a flaming tennis ball launcher for the tank's weapon I imagine you could easily make lots of them, for practical rapid fire, along with the option to use regular, non-lethal tennis balls Possibly something air-powered, so you can adjust the pressure used for it?

  • Anton

    this is a Russian auger all-terrain vehicle

  • Kaiser Johnny
    Kaiser Johnny

    just stick a potato cannon on it and then call it a tank

  • A Trashcan from the Internet
    A Trashcan from the Internet

    so much stuff you buildin looks like its straight outta half life xd

  • Tom Yu
    Tom Yu


  • Scott McKay
    Scott McKay

    I wonder if it will aerate my pasture

  • VindictionTV


  • OLI 2187
    OLI 2187


  • Khanh Duong
    Khanh Duong

    Impossible Like that you will damaging the road

  • Gage Burnaine
    Gage Burnaine

    How to lower property value in an hour

  • Professor Tilt
    Professor Tilt

    I like how you're just screwing around with the tank

  • My2Drumsticks

    Weapon of choice... ultimate Foam Cannon

  • Luis Tabor
    Luis Tabor

    High pressure potato cannon on that baby, automated with a controller so you can stay seated while firing

  • Retard 69
    Retard 69

    Make a drill machine that you can drive underground with. U gonna need a roof

  • Ggl Mail
    Ggl Mail

    furze : i made this corkscrew tank. me : that thing is literally destroying the land it is sitting on. farmers : i'll take your entire stock.

  • lisco 2018
    lisco 2018

    bro in the lands works but in the road

  • Gi Joe
    Gi Joe

    Perhaps, the performance will be better with electric motors inside the screw.

  • Virginia Blackburn
    Virginia Blackburn

    Make a car that can turn into a boat

  • Making Sawdust
    Making Sawdust

    Flame thrower or some type of slingshot. Maybe something channeling JoergSprave.

  • Autistic FlairUp
    Autistic FlairUp

    How fast does it go

  • Michael Perrin
    Michael Perrin


  • Shane's Trains
    Shane's Trains

    It needs a flame thrower.

  • WaxFranz Penaflor
    WaxFranz Penaflor

    Can't believe he is sponsored by the coolest game ever. AWESOME

  • J T
    J T

    Exact reason America had to bail you out during WWII.

  • Shinkovat

    For a weapon tape a sausage to the roll bar

  • 1. 1.1
    1. 1.1

    Just funny, not useful 🙂

  • jordan dee
    jordan dee

    You should do a live stream one day. That would be awsomw

  • NineTailsGaming

    Oh! You should make the boat car from half life 2!

  • kiean Evans
    kiean Evans

    Flame thrower

  • Zach Norman
    Zach Norman

    What happens on concrete?

  • Jaxson Lynde
    Jaxson Lynde

    I want to see u make a drill that digs in the ground that would be cool

  • The Howes Kids
    The Howes Kids

    The oil tank looks like a take-out box also you should put a flamethrower or a firework launcher for the mounted weapon of choice

  • Grzegorz M.
    Grzegorz M.

    This tank needs a flamethrower.

  • Hammy Bowwers
    Hammy Bowwers

    Put a mounted ar 15 on top

  • TheBasicGamer

    Fireworks launcher would be amazing 😂😂

  • Harry S
    Harry S

    Fancy coming and turning up the dirt in my garden ?

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    Weapon choice? Easy just wear suicide vest

  • Iowa State
    Iowa State

    This channel is too white, need more diversity

  • Logical Musicman
    Logical Musicman

    I would enjoy this video way more without that damned music intro. Thank god it stopped.

  • Shane Miller
    Shane Miller

    Looks a bit screwy there bud lol nice job i buildt one like this from a riding mower i had pretty cool

  • lars de dwerg
    lars de dwerg

    that would work really well in a zombie apocalypse

  • OperationEndGame

    That shirt gonna need to ton of bleach👍

  • Riley

    I had a Screw Tank once, but it was for a much different purpose than this one

  • Tomasz Wota
    Tomasz Wota

    "Screw you guys, I'm going home!"

  • Ninja Pickle
    Ninja Pickle

    Put a flame thrower on it

  • Francisco Gamboa
    Francisco Gamboa

    When coronapocalipse comes Im moving to your house!

  • Ro j
    Ro j

    We should enjoy our life like he does..

  • paladinlv1

    me: "WTF happened to your lawn?" Colin:.....It was worth it.

  • Fernando Queiroz Popovic
    Fernando Queiroz Popovic

    You bloody bastard you have done something great hope ya where as happy as us watching this


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  • Sir Marc
    Sir Marc

    Isn't it the point of that kinda vehicle to swim?😂

  • Its Jt
    Its Jt

    Colin had officially lost his mind...

  • marco mochel
    marco mochel

    10Million subs idea > Nuke canon on a screw tank.

  • John R
    John R

    With a vehicle as ridiculous as this, it needs an equally ridiculous weapon. How about a rotisserie chicken cannon?


    i guess anyone who gets in the way would be screwed lol

  • Angel Guzman
    Angel Guzman

    Madman built the Shagohod

  • salah mohamed
    salah mohamed

    Ofc in 2020 there will be flying cars Cars in 2020:

  • Melvyn Owen
    Melvyn Owen

    its just got to have a water cannon

  • jonnoble5

    How is it FIsofts only just recommended you to me?

  • Nvr Jxke
    Nvr Jxke

    Potato launcher for weapon

  • sTimulantz

    Hill climb flashbacks*

  • jaden yuki
    jaden yuki

    railgun might be fun to see.

  • Echo_melon12

    It’s looks so strange just it going along

  • Abdul Nadeem Mohammed
    Abdul Nadeem Mohammed

    More like a grass spoiler.

  • Ma D
    Ma D

    He is having real fun, yeah, ooooh <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a>

  • John Anglezarke
    John Anglezarke

    you could put a rocket launcher on it

  • Jacob Thadikkann
    Jacob Thadikkann

    Good but not safe

  • shauquan Michael
    shauquan Michael

    The guy is a mad scientist, I love it 😌

  • shauquan Michael
    shauquan Michael

    The guy is a mad scientist, I love it 😌

  • Rafael Monzon
    Rafael Monzon

    Trying to figure out who laughs more when they're being entertainingly destructive, Colin or the Joker.

  • Yevgenij Palaguta
    Yevgenij Palaguta

    Besides all the compliments. Grate camera work and video cut, as always!