He’s Been Living Under Her Bedroom Floor..
Life of Luxury
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In this episode, Parker and Chester investigate a situation for a woman (Jennifer), whose parents left to go to their winter home. Jennifer has been hearing noises coming from under her floorboards at night, so Parker and Chester go to investigate.
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  • Life of Luxury
    Life of Luxury

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      Ian Hawk


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      Jim mathew Meneses

      parker and Chester is this your last vid...?

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      The furious Cupcake



    Has the person that lives at the homes always a girl

  • Joe Shadow Anims
    Joe Shadow Anims

    I liked how the thing just crushed through the floor anime stile and then they do: Jennifer:"Nani?!" Monster:"Oumayouwa moonshindayou"

  • Khizer Gaming
    Khizer Gaming

    I like where evr they go they sleep together in the bed lol 😂

  • RebelGaming

    Dont worry person in the comments for safety Breathe in and out We are here and we have calmness and safety The comments section is filled with millions of people around you To save you from getting scared So dont worry stay with us you will get through the video

  • pak kebun Syahmi
    pak kebun Syahmi

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="749">12:29</a> omg

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    Dreamy Dreamdemon

    In the comments we got: cookies 🍪 milk 🥛 plushies 🌸 warm fluffy blankets 😍 warm cocoa ☕ cake 🍰 Costs a like :)

  • Dreamy Dreamdemon
    Dreamy Dreamdemon

    How do people get into contact with you guys?

  • Winston Gordon
    Winston Gordon

    Fetch me their souls <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="782">13:02</a>

  • Preston Garcia
    Preston Garcia

    She says that she checked every place in her house and there’s a big gapping hole in the wall in the basement 🤥🤥

  • Trang Le
    Trang Le

    Omg no no!!

  • NONdepressed native
    NONdepressed native

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="783">13:03</a> cod zombies be like

  • Metal Sonic
    Metal Sonic

    Oof that thing sounds like a pig

  • Hassan Abu Ali
    Hassan Abu Ali

    Omg this seems like they wanted her to die

  • UGONNA 10
    UGONNA 10


  • Subscribe For Fun Challenge
    Subscribe For Fun Challenge

    Nobody gonna talk about her parents blocking her and Chester and Parker????

  • Shreya Gurung
    Shreya Gurung

    that thing just break the floor

  • Ben Seiben
    Ben Seiben

    Oh jesus that's bissar

  • The real thicc kid from it
    The real thicc kid from it

    Nobody: Me: **vibes to the music in the background**

  • Sabina Yasmin
    Sabina Yasmin

    Chester is really scared after what he saw🤣

  • SIR Poopsalot
    SIR Poopsalot

    But who actually watched the whole thing? Can you tell me what happened and tell me if I should still watch it?? Is it really that scary?? I already know I’m going to watch it after writing this comment😭😭 I’ll tell you guys then... was just hiding for a bit longer here.🥺 EDIT: NOPE I CANNOT EVEN IM SO SCARED I COULDN’T EVEN GO PAST 25 seconds in because of <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="21">0:21</a> NOPE NOPE.

  • pooja .krishna
    pooja .krishna

    You have very dare my brother and your friend

  • Luke Coughlan
    Luke Coughlan

    The way he is hitting that board haha

  • PhoenixtheWolfygod

    This is why I always ask for a gun when a leave the house

  • DaBoii G
    DaBoii G

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that she was sleeping with jeans on

  • Taylor's Vlog Show
    Taylor's Vlog Show

    Y’all notice Jennifer was wearing casual clothes to sleep

  • lunar age studios
    lunar age studios

    Why is that thing wearing a diaper

  • Nischal Shrestha
    Nischal Shrestha

    why all creatures are mostly similar in body structures and behavior? everytime i see similar creatures in their videos, 😅

  • Dumb stuff josh does Muffett
    Dumb stuff josh does Muffett

    Bro they prolly getting mad 😺😺😺😺😺😺

  • caveir fhhfhhfhfhfhfhhfhhfhh
    caveir fhhfhhfhfhfhfhhfhhfhh

    Next video: There was something living in her body

    • menymen64

      yeah a baby 😂

  • Mikoumi • Chu
    Mikoumi • Chu

    if that creature keeps scaring her it maybe probably wants to help Donald Trump build the wall

  • Tor Atasan
    Tor Atasan

    What is that thing😱😱😱😱

  • Christopher Lopez
    Christopher Lopez

    and also all the stuff is happening to girls

  • Creeper Vlogs
    Creeper Vlogs

    If u have headphones it scares the life out of u

  • DoNNeY XD
    DoNNeY XD

    Parker: You go in there your smaller Also Parker: *Goes in*

  • VerbTH


  • zoo we mama
    zoo we mama

    Demons just be vibin

  • zoo we mama
    zoo we mama

    You ever notice how that the monster only attacks whenever they show up to the house maybe they're the demons

  • Elizabeth Arciniega
    Elizabeth Arciniega

    That Was a monster

  • Brooklyn Heise
    Brooklyn Heise

    Is anyone wondering why she was sleeping in jeans 🤔

  • Big_Anime_Oppai Momo
    Big_Anime_Oppai Momo

    Walls... Floor.. Mattress.. What's next? H A I R

  • Caro Tarry
    Caro Tarry

    Why do you show Proof

  • Christopher Rivers
    Christopher Rivers

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="722">12:02</a>

  • PastelDiamond

    So This Guy Isn’t Posting For 4 Weeks Now

  • Nick the weeb Flareon
    Nick the weeb Flareon

    You guys are the squiding best

  • Hunter

    make one where you end up beating the guys ass

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    abdo pop

    Biggest mistake watch this video in 4am

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    Gurly Gurly

    This is how much people don't have scary basements from these videos l √

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    Derwin Terence de Castro

    where a new video the likes are 143,000

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    Atlas Tra Clark

    Solution gun

  • lemon.


  • Katie Violet
    Katie Violet

    Your shirt is in side out

  • Ivana Allen
    Ivana Allen

    Why does he wear glasses

    • Adrianna Lata
      Adrianna Lata

      He had some kind of eye surgery but something happned , that's just what I heard, and if you see him with his glasses of, his eyes look red

    • Ivana Allen
      Ivana Allen

      I’m new to there channel

  • Atlas Tra Clark
    Atlas Tra Clark

    Next episode he has been living in her TV the whole time

  • Cassidy Hrebicek
    Cassidy Hrebicek

    Hi danika

  • Leila Aryamba
    Leila Aryamba

    Why is there a hole 🕳 in your room and someone or something is underneath you that thing is white is i subscribe to you and liked


    Tu fais quoi ? Regarde la vidéo au lieu de fuir dans les commentaires

  • Isaac Prochnow
    Isaac Prochnow

    I feel bad for their neighbors

  • William Reeves
    William Reeves

    -_- 0-0 ima have nightmares tonight...

  • Skyler Odell
    Skyler Odell

    You guys are great,just wanted to know if you help everyone

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    Martin Giselle

    A hundred thousand likes will give you good luck 👍👆🏾👇

  • Anders Ruud
    Anders Ruud

    the thing reminds me of SCP 106 because it came out of the floor

    • menymen64


  • Van Tran
    Van Tran

    Pls post new vids

  • Francisco Romero
    Francisco Romero

    What if they posted another video like this in the middle of quarantine Coronavirus:ItS tImE tO GiVe Me My MoNeY

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    Algérien 911


  • ImaCookie UwU
    ImaCookie UwU

    So we know the rake exists because of this footage

  • Nathan K
    Nathan K

    “thank you for letting us in and speak with you” *yes*

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    S cat PAUL

    Just sing Christian ✝️ music

  • Phix

    U waste all cameras? So u buy camera.?

  • Phix


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    evil lard

    Bro yous the Koran is work

  • Dhdbehd Bshdbd
    Dhdbehd Bshdbd

    Why don’t you put a shotgun to its fucking head

  • Celina Anna
    Celina Anna

    What but her parents blocked her!?

  • LazerxClipz

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="471">7:51</a> NO NO NO

  • Beanza Bears
    Beanza Bears

    Parker: You’re a lot smaller, you’ll fit. Also Parker: *fits with ease*

  • coumba bathily
    coumba bathily

    Scary hahaha 😂

  • Yassen Keshta
    Yassen Keshta

    اعوذ بالله the god is Allah

  • Aiden Mccrady
    Aiden Mccrady

    Weird thing liveing in the basement cant break a small board but can break a thick floor

  • Killerdude Langan
    Killerdude Langan

    We need the doom slayer