Dude Come Here... Giving Rosa A Makeover!
James Charles
HI SISTERS! In today's video, I give a makeover to Tik Tok LEGEND Rosa, also known as AdamRayOkay! We fixed Rosa's contour and messed up lashes while talking all about Adam's rise to fame, quitting his job, what Rosa means to him, and so much more. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • anisa dhembi
    anisa dhembi

    THAT IS A HEEEEEE????!!!!!! WAT????

  • Jadey Corn426
    Jadey Corn426

    You guys are so nice omga❤️😚✨

  • Megan Jaffe
    Megan Jaffe


  • Chanelly Alvarez
    Chanelly Alvarez

    I thought Adam was a natural girl like wtf 🤯🤯

  • Inocencio Mendoza
    Inocencio Mendoza


  • Tenshi Cos
    Tenshi Cos

    Okay but maybe??? A video with Blaire White??? She's one of my favorite youtubers

  • Banana Sauce
    Banana Sauce

    James you should’ve added eyeliner

  • Andrew Mejia
    Andrew Mejia

    Rosa’s eyes do be poppin tho

  • Joanna Marquez
    Joanna Marquez

    I really need a makeover 😁

  • Joanna Marquez
    Joanna Marquez

    Can you do my makeup

  • Jennifer Packard
    Jennifer Packard

    Wow how cayute are youuu

  • Payton Schuette
    Payton Schuette

    “It still has not like sunken in that I have like millions of followers on that platform” I mean imagine not having millions of followers 🙄 can’t relate

  • Gamer Phoenix Az
    Gamer Phoenix Az

    Love the make up

  • Antony

    So where's the people that said james was mocking Rosa.

  • Kaelex Peters
    Kaelex Peters

    Umm Sister James is not sister social distancing

  • Mikaela Martinez
    Mikaela Martinez

    I died of laughter when Rosa biting the lip liner🤣🤣🤣

  • Maya Turner
    Maya Turner

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="639">10:39</a> 😂😂😂💀💀

  • Gabriela Orona
    Gabriela Orona

    My mom and i never git Along bit lately me and her have been watching your vids together and we have been best fr ui ends ever since , crazy how you brought my mom and I close and able to get along w each other. From me and my mom we love you so much ps. My mom thinks you're so amazing and handsome lol xoxo

  • ericagandara19

    Watched the video because Rosa was on it

  • Zoe Reeve
    Zoe Reeve

    am i the only one who legit thought he was a girl in real life lmaoooooo

  • danielle morse
    danielle morse

    used to not know how i felt bout James, but I have to stan. such a nice person, king.

  • Bnb Draft
    Bnb Draft

    Wtf is that

  • *zofia rosemary*
    *zofia rosemary*

    bro can we just say how white personish james said rosa 😂😂😂 ilysm

  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy

    good at multitasking? (I just wish I could do one of those things like making a good FIsofts video).

  • whats_a_dema

    I know so many real rosas from middle school 😂

  • Pineapple Fever
    Pineapple Fever

    Omg James queen! Don't put cuss words on your video! D:

  • Aisha Bettahar
    Aisha Bettahar

    i thought he was a girl 😳😳😳😳

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy

      I thought Rosa was a boy 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Max Siaopo
    Max Siaopo

    Honestly Rosa looks prettier without makeup tbh 😉😉

  • Destiny Lee
    Destiny Lee

    Oml he is so beautiful ❣️❤️❤️

  • Sheri

    this look is giving me life

  • Alyssa V
    Alyssa V

    To be clear....I am only here for Rose....nuff said

  • Stephanie Butcher
    Stephanie Butcher

    The slushie video reminds me of asking my mom for quarters to give the icee lady in the apartment complex as a kid! Your complex was not popin' if you didn't have one!

  • kaY mE
    kaY mE

    Yooo I seen Rosa on time tok

  • Natalia Chavez
    Natalia Chavez

    What is adam’s gender I’m sorry I don’t know 😔

    • Flaka Cee
      Flaka Cee

      Natalia Chavez boy

  • peach

    james so good at makeup

  • Vault 7622
    Vault 7622

    The way James snatches the nose can u snatch mines please

  • karissa

    I love James personality

  • karissa

    His laughs I fucking can’t

  • Alan Leal
    Alan Leal

    Adam's skin is so fucking good

  • Kendyl ong
    Kendyl ong

    james charles is so iconic ngl, i always watched his videos

  • Sg

    i love rosa. she’s so fucking real down inside ♥️

  • Abby Grace
    Abby Grace

    I thought Rosa was a boy 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Tamryn Diondra Ann
    Tamryn Diondra Ann

    I only came here because Rosa is in the video 😗

  • Ladaisha Eilish
    Ladaisha Eilish


  • jennifer caudill
    jennifer caudill

    Adams skin is beautiful af! Legit so clear and healthy

  • Bryana Gonzalez
    Bryana Gonzalez

    Rosa is so nice and funny

  • Alejandrina Ruiz
    Alejandrina Ruiz

    Really good questions and video, James. 🙂

  • Maleah Monáe
    Maleah Monáe

    YASSS 😂

  • Habeeba A
    Habeeba A

    that lip stick color is the color every mom wears

  • Alyssa Faden
    Alyssa Faden

    All I want to do is laugh like Ross 😂

  • Nathalia Leon
    Nathalia Leon

    You should've put a wig on him/her

  • Deloris B
    Deloris B

    No one: me:rosa come here.....u do be looking fine

  • steph420

    James is the only one who actually gave him his time to talk and shine. We love a supportive sister ❤️

  • Ashley Castillo
    Ashley Castillo

    This is my new favorite video in the world. I love Rosa!

  • Princess Buckner
    Princess Buckner

    “You have a lot of makeup- HAHAH” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sonia Saini
    Sonia Saini

    How come everyone is staying home and self isolating. But James Charles is above that and like filming videos with whoever and meeting whoever

  • BadLilKitty MoneyLandTx
    BadLilKitty MoneyLandTx

    He made him look so beautiful I love it!!! 💙🦋

  • Pina Switzer
    Pina Switzer

    💕💕love both of you 😭

  • jefferson brewster
    jefferson brewster

    😂 this had me dead

  • Consuelo Garza
    Consuelo Garza

    Blue eyeshadow will forever make me think of Mimi from the Drew Carey show 😂

  • Mae Fer
    Mae Fer

    So much fun😂😂😘😍

  • Trissy_life

    Wait she’s a he 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 “Dude wtf”

  • blink yuki
    blink yuki

    Rosa is so beautiful with make up on,,, thanks james 😚

  • Meese Meese
    Meese Meese

    Adam irl is like way cool and humble and funny

  • Golden Weed
    Golden Weed


  • sienna lopez
    sienna lopez

    i want james to come to texas 😭


    Rosa said bad bitch cute faaaacccceeeee

  • Predator

    Just came to dislike

  • just me
    just me

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="638">10:38</a> me trying to bite James because i already ate all of my quarantine snacks.

  • xiaodan sun
    xiaodan sun

    great artist

  • Jerry N.
    Jerry N.

    He's 20??? Wow I thought he was 13 :O

  • Snad

    I only watched this video for rosa. She da best

  • Farmer With A Shotgun
    Farmer With A Shotgun

    "Hey come here"

  • Stevie Chudowho
    Stevie Chudowho

    adam is like "blemishes? i don't know her." perfect skin, bitch.

  • Perside Yolou
    Perside Yolou

    The casual black face 😌mmmm you love to see it

  • MissingNum

    Who is that ogre?

  • Jahiz

    dude come here 😏😏

  • Karai Moses
    Karai Moses

    There are huge black tarantulas in Texas Just for your information ℹ️

  • Sam Koppert
    Sam Koppert

    She is literally the cutest human ever aww

  • Lyric Life
    Lyric Life

    My nose is gone!!!

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