Coronavirus II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
As the spread of coronavirus worsens in the US, John Oliver discusses how the government is handling the outbreak, how they’re not, and what we can do to help.
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  • Stephen Davies
    Stephen Davies

    John as a fellow Brit, I have to say, you’re a legend and ALSO in Community ( which of course you already know ) but it’s so funny to watch the episodes you are in.. hope to see you back in TV soon

  • Bill Pii
    Bill Pii

    You need laugh track

  • Assim Ujjawal
    Assim Ujjawal

    America seems to be going down and with it world economy

  • Kanden

    “Memes are not fact.”

  • SMV L
    SMV L

    No, John. This is not weird. This is being an actual FIsoftsr.

  • ChingyChopStix

    Hello, Zazu

  • A Monumental Cretin
    A Monumental Cretin


  • Stephen Cranford
    Stephen Cranford

    You are truly a piece of WORK! I know you are supposed to be "COMEDY"... but you act like you are NEWS, YOU ARE NOT A NEWS CHANNEL... Not to mention, did you actually even say anything honest in the whole 22 minutes that you ran your mouth?!? You are the BIGGEST PROBLEM with the country and causing PANIC and HATE! You should just stick to actually comedy, and leave the news to real reporters (if there are any left). Why don't you do something helpful, instead of posting crappy videos! Like volunteer somewhere to help others instead of pushing lies and hate!

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre

    Disgrace that this video has 8.2K dislikes... makes me scared about how many people are gonna take this issue seriously...

  • Kim Tree
    Kim Tree

    Well, John Oliver, you made me cry ♥️ Thanks for being there.

  • srikanth k
    srikanth k

    Please put subtitles.

  • chibangin007

    kill trump

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre

      Right there with you about Liverpool.

  • Adam Bílek
    Adam Bílek

    Wear Mask. #Mask4All

  • David Herz
    David Herz

    Geraldo Rivero is an FM (thank you Rex Tillerson describing DT), a true and incorrigible FM, and I don't mean radio.

  • Toth f
    Toth f

    You talk ok info until spill a flu shot part uhh.

  • Khrewi

    Police Vs coronavirus around the world see this video

  • Jennifer Isaacs
    Jennifer Isaacs

    Mutated viruses including a mutated cold virus in ever having vaccines... tin foil hat anti vaxxers reject them. The thing is people are still going out ..." You can't go out" ...meh. Many need to work to eat and feed families reguardless of this cold virus. People that act as if this is more apocalyptic than any other virus, have bogus cure alls, or add to pointless conspiracies need to shut up.

  • Dr corona
    Dr corona

    HELP!!! Anyone got toiletpaper???? plz pm thx Btw i hope Trump gets covid and fucking dies miserably

  • David Herz
    David Herz

    brilliant, as usual

  • TrajiiQ - حمد تراجيك
    TrajiiQ - حمد تراجيك

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3">0:03</a> GOT theme played in my head

  • Sturm Tiger
    Sturm Tiger

    Stay strong, South Korea is sending masks and medical supplies to Other countries as much as they can. Stay safe🙏

  • John Gleason 'student'
    John Gleason 'student'

  • Eugene Flynn
    Eugene Flynn

    America’s major sports were suspended. As was hockey. I’m dead!

  • Protyush Deb
    Protyush Deb

    @john Oliver don't sweat it my main man, you might not have a audience to laugh at your jokes on video. We're laughing at every joke tho

  • Nic DeGrave
    Nic DeGrave

    If I had to get COVID-19 so John Oliver wouldn't, I'd take the hit.

  • Apocraphon tripp
    Apocraphon tripp

    Please listen to me. I have covid 19 and have sucessfully treated it with the asthma medication primatine. From my experience, covid acts much like asthma, constricting broncial airways and can be treated with ephidrine or steriods. Without it, i couldnt breathe and i think this may have been over looked. Please help me get this info out to help save lives. Any questions feel free to contact me and thanks.

  • Zoe Washburne
    Zoe Washburne

    Right there with you about Liverpool.

  • Vlastimil Hopjan
    Vlastimil Hopjan

    Hey, you folks in US are DIY in similar way as Czechs. Most of the people have build their own protective mask and it was "fun" family exercises.

  • Shane Widlow
    Shane Widlow

    John Oliver For President.

    • Shane Widlow
      Shane Widlow

      And yes i Know he can't be sadly.

  • Sonal Singh
    Sonal Singh

    #ChineseVirus #KungFlu

  • Sonal Singh
    Sonal Singh

    #ChineseVirus #KungFlu

  • kimberly cornelius
    kimberly cornelius

    Miss you tonight post from,home

  • Viviann Sevier
    Viviann Sevier

    where's your beloved VP Biden rhetorical question, hiding in his basement

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      It is magic to turn something so depressing into comedy. Oliver= magician

  • thateffin guy
    thateffin guy

    Trump is gonna steamroll 2020! 🤣😂😜

  • Donnelle Johnson
    Donnelle Johnson

    I TEALLY like this show.. It's real!

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      Trump is responsible for spreading so much misinformation to the American people

  • Sean Wang
    Sean Wang

    Generally I agree with 90% of what John Oliver says with the amount of thorough investigation and analysis his team does. However the fact he is advocating people not to wear mask and simply to cough in their hands and sleeves shows how misinformed Americans are. YOU ALL NEED WEAR A MASK in public! It is astoundingly stupid that people are not. Now yes, wearing a mask will not prevent you from getting the virus but it lowers the chance of you spreading it in case you are a spreader. If everyone does it then it will help. And given how challenging this situation is any help you all need all the help you need. So stop spreading misinformation, stay at home, and if you go out wear a fucking mask.

    • Nadiv Kaspi
      Nadiv Kaspi

      This is a terrible idea, and to say this is how "misinformed Americans are" is so incredibly misguided and flagrantly offensive. And that's coming from an American who HATES America and its people. Sure, Americans are stupid, but lets not fabricate facts and attempt to alter reality here. If everyone went out and bought masks, there would be absolutely NONE left for those who truly need it, and the fact that you don't recognize it says it all, but I'll explain anyways since you clearly need a reality check. N95 masks, which are the only masks that are truly effective in slowing transmission of the virus, are not easy to manufacture, and are not produced by the millions waiting to be sold. Any other masks are virtually ineffective compared to wearing no mask at all, and the science is extremely clear on that. Those masks prevent droplets from touching your nose and mouth, but even if you touch your mask with infected droplets on your hands, the virus can still enter and infect you. Masks are meant to prevent those who are already ill from spreading the virus to others, not to protect healthy individuals. N95 masks have to be fitted to your face, whereas simple surgical masks are not. They are not designed to stop pathogens entirely, they are designed to contain and/or redirect these particles so they don't enter an open incision or cavity while in surgery. Here's an anecdote for you: In early February, my landlords (who I live with) came back from a trip to China, and they were both ill before boarding the plane. Luckily this ended up not being SARS-CoV-2, but regardless, they gave me a heads up and I wanted to take precautions to protect myself. I self-quarantined for two reasons; first, to see if it was actually the novel coronavirus, and second, in the event that I did catch it I would be home and not spread it to others. I bought soap, disinfecting wipes, I stored non-refrigerated foods directly in my room so I wouldn't have to leave, and I went to look for N95 masks. The issue was that they were COMPLETELY sold out of masks. Even the useless surgical masks were sold out. I went to 3 pharmacies, 2 medical supply stores, and even my local clinic to see if they could get me some masks. This was BEFORE the mass panic in the US mind you. If I had that caught the virus close to the end of my isolation and I was asymptomatic for a few days, I could have very well spread the virus to my entire town (I teach music to high schoolers, it would've spread like wildfire). Its curious as well that you make this unwise recommendation when real epidemiologists, doctors, the American CDC and the WHO in fact DO NOT recommend you wear a mask if you are not sick. But surely you know more than the experts, right? Its RICH how you preach about stopping misinformation but then go on to pull bullshit straight out of your ass for the world to see. What a fucking despicable hypocrite you are.

  • GroovyVideo2

    Very Creepy donald grifter and gang

  • Epic Noob
    Epic Noob

    ATTN: #FDT = Fuck Donald Trump Not saying I created it, but I stumbled upon it just now and it seems poignant.

  • JD Mogol
    JD Mogol

    It's so boring how Jon panders to the left with Trump rhetoric jokes.

  • Paul Knittle
    Paul Knittle

    Thank you John.

  • noah

    South korea was soo prepared because of the sarrs virus that hit them some years back. So they had an entire system still in place ready to go. I just dont understand how the worlds super power doesnt have a contingency plan for a pandemic and have massive stockpiles of masks, PPE, breathing machine and all other things needed. This should have been in place decades ago but the US wastes soo much money on soo many stupid things but not doing something like that. What does that say for everything the government says. Maybe everything they say is a lie. Makes people uncertain and just not believe anything anymore. Just redicoulous.

  • boston massachusetts
    boston massachusetts

    Sucker you keep making and rest of the world loosing job

  • Orlando Rotundo
    Orlando Rotundo

    Please let the libtards die Mr. president

    • CynicalSirCastic

      With his advice, he's gonna kill off his own base first...

  • NinaTailor

    i don't feel sorry for you at all, you had a chance to stop this guy at the ballots. All i hope now is that you don't try to flee to better managed countries like Argentina or the netherlands . I pray that just once, you stay in your fucking land.

  • Stefano Locatelli
    Stefano Locatelli

    Dear John, Liverpool stopped his run to the title and Atalanta stopped his run to the UCL. But Please, everybody out there in the US...listen to him. It is ALL true. I am writing from Bergamo, the italian Wuhan. Stay safe.

  • anccert

    So a Brit bashing American politics. Sounds like sour grapes of 1776. Are you willing to talk about Apartheid of the 90’s in South Africa? Several centuries after we kicked your ass out...Are you comparing the Brits monarchy rule to that of the Coronavirus? What a douche!

  • Mikko A
    Mikko A


  • Flj Bbr
    Flj Bbr

    Trump is responsible for spreading so much misinformation to the American people

  • Cherie Banuri
    Cherie Banuri

    It is magic to turn something so depressing into comedy. Oliver= magician

  • T.W. Day
    T.W. Day

    Thanks John. You are a public service.

  • Manga Boy
    Manga Boy


  • wu feng
    wu feng

    annoying that this show becomes less funny and just becomes a trump bash

    • Ilan Smolders
      Ilan Smolders

      Bashing an assclown with delusions of grandeur, the charisma of an alley mugger with puss spilling acne and the attitude of a Redbull addicted teenager living in the suburbs wearing a wifebeater and holding daddy's precious fireharm, IS, any way you look at it, hilarious.

  • Laurel Lane
    Laurel Lane

    Please do another show soon! We need your humor given this prolonged situation!! It's been 11 days since you did this show!! We are with you and hope everyone involved with the show is OK!

  • Joseph ERICKSON
    Joseph ERICKSON

    I had to order masks on amazon. My office and myself are traveling mental health workers that work IN HOME! allot of it is crisis prevention socail work. We need fucking masks.

  • Jarrod Yuki
    Jarrod Yuki

    to all viewers the vaccine will come soon in a month.

    • Kim Hoffmann Andersen
      Kim Hoffmann Andersen

      @Jarrod Yuki Riiiiiiight. Now piss off.

    • Jarrod Yuki
      Jarrod Yuki

      @Kim Hoffmann Andersen according to wechat and the chinese government. look it only takes 20 minutes to make a vaccine prototype with a blood sample and the right equipment. its the mass production that requires more time and bureaucracy.

    • Kim Hoffmann Andersen
      Kim Hoffmann Andersen

      Piss off moron.

  • bipbop

    Just wait for the BORIS GOT CORONA show!!


    John Oliver Everyone's favorite Liberal.

  • Joseph

    "Had" a wife and two children. :)

  • D Trump
    D Trump

    People shall watch this newly posted video by George Webb who is an investigative journalist in the Washington, DC area. He found someone who was suspected of being infected with number 0. Matt Benassi, a relative of Maatje Benassi, worked at Fort Detrick Biolab which was shut down by CDC, and attended the Wuhan Military World Game. Another relative, Benny Benassi, is the first Covid-19 confirmed in the Netherlands

  • Ankit Rai
    Ankit Rai

    No one does it better than John Oliver. SOCIAL DISTANCING!

    • Ankit Rai
      Ankit Rai

      @Joanna what made you reply that words??

    • Joanna


  • _flashback_

    Orange man bad

  • Shrewd

    Donald Trump: Failed as a Businessman Failed as a husband Failed as a President But still Americans will elect him in these November elections to prove the world how dumb they can be.

    • Joanna

      you for a while here but can't help finding the cussing over done. I worked construction for 40 years and had my boring fill of it, done it myself time to time. But here is a quote I

  • J.A. Reyes Aguilar
    J.A. Reyes Aguilar

    Me gustó, aunque obviamente los shows con el calor humano es otra cosa.

  • CheapPhilosophy

    It is weird when ideology trumps over pandemic's essential prevention, which should be a scientific issue. Regrettably ideology against science is not uncommon these days...

  • Sally Marples
    Sally Marples

    Thank God for John Oliver! More facts with a lot of much needed humor in 22 minutes. A minor miracle!

  • Peter Holmes
    Peter Holmes

    I didnt laugh outloud but his jokes r still hilarious

  • Suraj Atmakuri
    Suraj Atmakuri

    I'm disappointed with your club choice Mr. Oliver

  • Anna Czakó
    Anna Czakó

    okaaaaaaaay. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1317">21:57</a> XD

  • Fluttershy Luva
    Fluttershy Luva

    My :30 sec was all Football related (in which I mean what us Americans call soccer) 😬 (ugh the word soccer makes me sick to my stomach)

  • Earnest Funship
    Earnest Funship

    Let's look at the facts about this "pandemic"...

    • Kim Hoffmann Andersen
      Kim Hoffmann Andersen

      @Earnest Funship I get why a gullible ignorant idiot like you can get sucked into shit like that. It certainly looks professional and with "investigating journalists"(which isn't a protected title). And notice the lack of credible sources. This is pure Alex Jones right wing conspiracy shit. Their only agenda is to earn money by crapping on morons like you. This shit is worse and more dangerous than the virus. Now piss off.

    • Earnest Funship
      Earnest Funship

      @Kim Hoffmann Andersen You sound like the type of person that is in perfect alignment with pHARMa. Meanwhile, this "pandemic" is over...Drs are using chloroquine with success, but you don't care. You prefer people choke than heal. Stupid and sad.

    • Kim Hoffmann Andersen
      Kim Hoffmann Andersen

      You can take your "facts" and hopefully choke on them.

  • Willy Trumpold
    Willy Trumpold


  • Evan James
    Evan James

    Two weeks later and Trump wants Americans to sacrifice their lives for Wall St.

  • Willy Trumpold
    Willy Trumpold


  • Annalisa de dominicis
    Annalisa de dominicis

    Sorry John but in Italy we are not choosing who get to be saved and who doesn't. Health care in Italy is one of the best in the word and doctors, Protezione Civile, Government is working their ass off. This shit is serious but Italian doctors don't choose who lives and who dies. Never.

  • Michael Wodyka
    Michael Wodyka

    I don't know anyone who knows anyone with this virus. I do know more then a dozen people who are absolutely broke. Nothing says things are fucked like having your neighbors try to sell you their stuff cuz the pawn shops are all closed.

  • Sandeep Sharma
    Sandeep Sharma

    Dude looks like you have gone out of your f☆☆king mind

  • Steve Walker
    Steve Walker

    John, I have often thought to write to you. Have my doubts this'll be read, but here goes. I used to watch you when you filled in for Jon Stewart and enjoyed your input. I followed you for a while here but can't help finding the cussing over done. I worked construction for 40 years and had my boring fill of it, done it myself time to time. But here is a quote I think you might appreciate. From memory so a bit off here and there: "Cussing is an adult perogative to be used for emphasis only. Beyond this it's boring and garish." Steve Walker

    • Kim Hoffmann Andersen
      Kim Hoffmann Andersen

      You americans are too thin skinned. Grow up you fucking moron. But no. He probably won't read your comment and even if he did he probably wouldn't care. But your weirdness made me laugh. So thank you for that.

  • Mark DeVaughn
    Mark DeVaughn

    I know someone else posted this in the comments already, but it bears repeating: "America's major sports were was hockey." 😆

  • pepper penguin
    pepper penguin

    Holy shit. This made me realize John Oliver's not funny.

  • James B
    James B

    You are a comedian. Get off Trump's case you are a B>!! S#!+ artist. Mind your own expertise if you want to keep an audience. I was watching your show for humor. what have you done for the rest of us? I trust you can put your money where your mouth is. Screw your critique of the President Trump.

    • James B
      James B

      I don't mind if it is. It's ok with me. MY defense is a strong immune system. Which I have been working to improve for a long time now. I am a health care worker. I understand the risk of an uninformed or weakened immune system. Stay funny America, stay strong, be respectful.

    • James B
      James B

      Maybe the planet is culling the human herd!

74 milj.
74 milj.